A church without disabled people is a disabled church


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Is your church proactive in promoting and protecting the rights and choices of people with disabilities to equally participate in the life of the church today?

Don’t leave it to secular business to lead the way in making accommodations for including people with disabilities within their organisations. It is time for we as the church to start taking the lead, not just because it is the law; but because we have a Biblical mandate from Christ himself to intentionally include people with disabilities within God’s Kingdom and the Body of Christ- the church.  Is your church respecting the international laws and rights of persons with disabilities which the UK has endorsed and adopted as a part of their own national human rights laws?  Some of the General Principles in Article 3 of the CRPD  (UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities)

1. Respect for inherent dignity, individual autonomy including the freedom to

   make one’s own choices, and independence of persons;

2. Full and effective participation and inclusion in society;

3. Respect for difference and acceptance of persons with disabilities as part

   of human diversity and humanity;

  1. 4.Non-discrimination; Equality of opportunity; Accessibility


We are a group of disabled Christians covering a wide range of disabilities, some of which are often hidden.

We are all experts in our field and many of us are involved in ministry. We came about because we feel there is a lack of resources available to churches that are up to date with current thinking in the disabled community. Much of the materials available to churches is at least ten years out of date. In that time the law has changed significantly and so have the hopes and expectations of disabled people themselves.

More than anything we feel it is time for a new approach, a user led approach, it is time that all disabled people felt fully welcome and able to play a valuable part in church life, not just there to be ministered to but to minister.

Why not invite our team to come and mystery shop your church to find out how well your church is doing in welcoming disabled people. Email info@disabilityandjesus.org.uk

We would like to see a situation where every UK church had a disability action plan. This would start by each church having an access audit, not just on it’s buildings but on its written materials, websites etc.

On the basis of that audit each church will be able to write its own disability policy and action plan. You may not have the funds to do everything required or that you would desire right now but it is important to acknowledge what needs to be done and to be able to demonstrate a commitment to working towards a more equal situation.

We would be very happy to help in that process.

Although not made for us this video explains perfectly why we are here. Please watch it.

Read about two experiences of a blind person attending a strange church for the first time, one good and one bad. All the events in these accounts have happened to our own David Lucas at one time or another. Some of this may surprise you.
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“There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, for we are all one in Christ Jesus”

Katie Tupling, from Disability and Jesus

talks abut the issues disabled people

face in church


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