Disability and Jesus
Disability and Jesus

The remainder of 2017 is looking really busy for us.


In June we shall attend a two day meeting of Churches For All In Birmingham.


Then in July we shall make what has now become our annual exhibit at the Church of England General Synod.


In late August there is a possibility we will be attending an international conference in Strasbourg. We have submited a proposal for an academic paper and are waiting to hear.


In September we will be back in York to exhibit at the Church Of England Safeguarding Conference.  


Churches For All Scotland, annual conference, guest speakers.


In October we shall be back at the Vatican for the second in the Living Fully conferences. We are so proud of having met Pope Francis and having our paper published last year.


We hope before the year is out to have our book completed and published. Negotiations with publishers are taking place as we write.


Then at Christmas we will host our first annual Christmas event.


So it's going to be busy, we hope we get the opportunity to meet some of you along the way.


This is Dave's guide dog Jarvis's retirement year so we hope that if you have not already met him, you get the chance to do so before the old boy finally hangs up his harness.




Disability and Jesus recieves a small amount of funding from regular donations but is largely self funded by the three of us.  These forthcoming events represent a considerable cost to us of probasbly in the region of £6000.


Currently there is only around £500 in the Disability and Jesus bank account. We are commited to these events and they will go ahead regardless but funding them without your help could represent significant hardship to our team therefore we are appealing to you all, if you feel you can help in any way, no matter how small,please contact Fr Bill our treasurer at bill@disabilityandjesus.org.uk

Or you can visit our Just Giving page https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/disabilityandjesusevents?utm_id=60&utm_term=yP4Jp3pPb

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