Disability and Jesus
Disability and Jesus

Join us on a pilgrim journey to find out what it means to be fully human.


We are so excited about our upcoming Christmas event, go to our "Howay In A Manger" page to find out all about what is happening.


Welcome to the home of Disability and Jesus. We are a user led organisation seeking to find a theology of disability through a community of followers. 


Our community is made up of disabled people, their friends and supporters and all those who wish to travel with us on this journey. 


Our real home is on Twitter, find us there at @DisabilityJ


Email us info@disabilityandjesus.org.uk


Call us on

07703 347107


Stay with us as we develop this new version of our website. Keep checking back over the next few weeks as we populate it with resources, advice, information and more about our story and the journey that brought us here.


The rest of 2017 looks like being both hectic and exciting, just take a look at our "coming up" page.











A tribute to Abbot, Dave's first guide dog who passed away August 7th 2015


Here are some thoughts about yesterday's London trip. Please take time to read them and please get in touch if you want to join our prayer team.


Here are some useful guides, we hope they help and encourage you. Dave's book Stepping In To The Dark, sadly now sold out and out of print can be downloaded free here. It tell's the story of how Dave's first guide dog Abbot, brought him healing and peace.

Stepping IN To The Dark
The story of Dave's journey to becoming a guide dog owner and how that has healed him
Stepping Into The Dark.pdf
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Welcoming Visually Impaired People
Welcoming visually impaired people in to our churches.
Welcoming Visually Impaired People To Yo[...]
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Clear Print.
Find out how to make your church literature as accessible as possible to as many as possible in the first instance.
Clear Print for Churches final.pdf
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Disabilty & Jesus is a member of the Churches For All Family

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